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Declaration of Data Protection

  1. General

Visiting PADIMA  (hereafter as Website) you accept the conditions of this guideline about Data-protection and cookies in connection with the use of this Website.

For the use of services, offered on the same Website different business-conditions are relevant.

PADIMA GmbH is responsible for the content of this Website., Wuppertal HRB 26211, Bochumer Str. 6, 42279 Wuppertal (hereafter as „we“, „our“, „us“ or „the Company“). For contacts and questions please use the E-Mail: . For further contact-data please refer to PADIMA .

  1. Personal Data

The personal data, processed by us includes details, which you have provided to us, e.g. through a contact-sheet or through E-Mails. We use this information to work on and to answer your request only.

In case you have applied for our Newsletter, a product-catalogue or for  technical information, your data also may be used for direct mailings or for marketing-purposes.

Your personal data under no circumstances will be granted or shared with our external, third-party-partners. As the involved party you have the right to request the information which kind of data we have filed. In addition you have the possibility to correct, update or cancel information or details. Furthermore you have the right to request in written form to stop the collection  and filing of your personal data. Therefore please use the E-Mail: In case that we don’t receive any communication from your side, we presume your acceptance  from your side until cancellation.

In exceptional cases we collect information about a customer, before supplying him, from a neutral commercial information centre.

The responsibility is at PADIMA GmbH. In case of  questions concerning the processing of personal data or about the same chapter 2., please contact   . 

  1. Rights on Intellectual Property


All kind of materials of this Website, including texts, graphics, fotos and trademarks (TM)as well as designs and graphic profiles are property of PADIMA GmbH or our partners. Each kind of use or copying by yourselfas user, requires a written authorization by PADIMA GmbH.


Any kind of usewhich breaches these conditions may be followed judicially.


  1. Liability

PADIMA GmbH doesn’t accept any liability and doesn’t grant any kind of guarantee for the quality, functionality or availability of the Webside or its content. In case that we indicate a third party, we don’t furnish a guarantee for the materials or contents of  this company.