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PADIMA produces hydraulic tools for industry and artisans using state-of-the-art equipment. We focus on solving the problems of our customers in an optimum fashion. PADIMA has developed products for its customers leading to improved performance and ensuring a higher degree of productivity and safety. Users save time and costs and are enabledcorresponding to the highest quality requirements of consumers. to offer, on their part, products and services.

  • Nut Cutters
  • Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Flange Spreaders

PADIMA also realizes exports of all products on international level.

Product no.: 881020380

SLK2 high quality hydraulic hoses 2 meters long

  • with 2 x coupling plugs
  • with 2 x Dust Caps Alu
  • with 2 x bend protection
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Product no.: 960003501

KH 35 Pulling tool for feather key is a compact tool which allows the extraction of wedges/keys until 35 mm out of spindles

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Delivery weight: 3 kg

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Product no.: P1201

P1201 hydraulic Handpump 1100 cm³ double stage700 bar of BVA

  • Nominal pressure 700bar
  • robust and reliable
  • ZTN 84142080 / TW Taiwan
276.47 *
Product data sheet
Delivery weight: 10.3 kg

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Product no.: 90202432

MSP 2432 Nutcutter wrenchsize 24 to 32mm

  • Size of hexagon head SW24 to SW32
  • Size of pin 16 to M22
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Delivery weight: 5.84 kg

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Product no.: SL02-P

SL02-P highest pressure hose 2m blue, bend protection - PARKER

  • Nominal pressure 720 bar
  • both sides 3/8" NPT external thread
34.91 *
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Product no.: 708 915200010

UPF702 Ultra Air Pump with 2,1 Liters Tank with foot pedal

  • Pressure transformation 1 to 100 bar
  • Usage by foot pedal
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Delivery weight: 7.6 kg

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