Right of withdrawal

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Your right of withdrawal and return of goods:

Right of withdrawal:

You are allowed to withdraw your declaration of contract without any indication of reasons during 2 weeks in written form (e.g. letter, Fax, E-Mail) or by the devolution of the goods. The period starts at earliest with the receipt of this instruction. For the ensuring of the withdrawal period the timely dispatch of the withdrawal or of the goods is sufficient.

The withdrawal shall be addressed to:

PADIMA GmbH, Bochumer Str. 6, DE-42279 Wuppertal, Phone: 0202 705143-0,

Email: info@padima.de

Consequences of withdrawal:

In case of an efficient withdrawal the mutually obtained benefits shall be returned and if applicable extracted use (e.g. interests) restituted. In case you cannot return us the obtained benefit completely or only partially or in a declined condition, you will be obliged to grant us a compensation for lost value. This is not applicable, if the degradation of the goods was caused exclusively during the examination of the goods according to the normal conditions which you would have had in the shop. 

By the way you can avoid the obligation for the compensation of lost value by not using the goods as the owner and to refrain from all measures which may influence the value of the goods.  Goods, which are in conditions to be dispatched in cartons, shall be returned. Goods, which are not in conditions to be dispatched in cartons, will be picked up at your place.

The costs for the return shall be borne by you, if the delivered goods correspond to the ordered ones and if the price of the goods to be returned do not pass over €40,00 or if you in the moment of withdrawal still not have provided your equivalent or performed a contractually agreed partial payment. Otherwise the devolution will be free of charge for you.

Obligations to achieve refunding of payments shall be fulfilled during the next 30 days after the dispatch of your withdrawal.  

PADIMA GmbH, Bochumer Str. 6, DE-42279 Wuppertal

End of the instruction for withdrawal